Art with Words

This is enough

This Is Enough

This piece was created in recognition of those special moments in a lifetime that have the power to linger in our memories and serve as a reminder of happy times. Store them in a special place in your heart so you can savour them throughout the years.

Friends come with gifts and enrich our lives

Friends Bearing Gifts

We all have friends who bring their own unique gifts to our lives. There are those who are there in time of need, those who can provide a solution to any problem and those who are always the life and soul of the party. Of course people always have more than one aspect to their personality but there is usually a particular strength which outshines the rest. In a busy life we can forget to appreciate those special people.

It only takes a moment to show our gratitude for them and the gifts they give so selflessly, we are blessed to have them in our lives.

Reach for the stars

Reach For The Stars

Always believe you have the ability to achieve your dreams. The joy in life is to be found in the journey, wherever that may ultimately lead. So reach for the stars, you deserve them.

For those who weep, you are always stronger than you think.

For Those Who Weep

This image was created for all those who have lost a loved one and are in those devastating, difficult early days of grief. When the pain is overwhelming and the darkness feels like it will never end. I have learnt through personal experience that in the moments when we most need it the strength of the human spirit will get us through. We really are stronger than we think. I hope there is some comfort in that.

Find your happy place and visit often.

Find Your Happy Place

We all need a ‘happy place’, somewhere we feel content and at peace with the world. It could be a physical space such as the mountains or the beach, it could be a person or an interest such as reading or creating art. It will be different for all of us but if you can’t immediately think of where your happy place is you need to get one. It is invaluable.

A mothers love

A Mothers’ Love

This is an impressionistic image depicting the bond between mother and child. “Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible” – Marion C. Garretty. She definitely has a point there.

Letting go, human spirit, love, emotion, loss

Letting Go

Letting go is a skill we all have to master, or at least try to master, at some point in our lives. If we are parents it can be letting go of some of that parenting role as our children grow and make there own way and own decisions in life. We have to trust they will find their place. Even this natural progression can be difficult but if we have lost a child or a loved one then letting go of grief and all the other emotions that can accompany loss may seem impossible. We just have to trust in the process and the ability of the human spirit to survive, in even the most difficult of circumstances.

You are not alone, support, care, special, strength

You Are Not Alone

There are times in everyones lives when they can feel overwhelmed. Times when they doubt their abilities to deal with a particular issue they are facing whether it is work related or more personal. There is usually someone they could turn to for support and advice but, when under stress, that can be forgotten and they feel very alone.

This piece is a reminder for them of that person who is always there, of how much we are cared for and of the strengths we carry inside us. A perfect gift for yourself or a special someone in your life..

I saw your heart, connect, friendship, respect, share, support, special, person

I Saw Your Heart

I Saw Your Heart is a recognition of that moment when you connect deeply with another person. It could be your life partner or a kindred spirit with whom you will have a lifetime of friendship. A person who shares your values, respects your views and supports you in the pursuit of your dreams. I am lucky to have one or two people like that in my life. They are a gift to be nurtured and I am thankful for them every day. I hope you have the same special people in your life.

Love lives here, it will always guide you home.

Love Lives Here

This is an image that I feel will mean different things to different people. When I began creating it I was thinking of the message quite literally as depicted, but by the time I had completed it I was thinking quite differently. As circumstance in my life, and in the lives of those around me, took an unexpected turn I realised that love is not always in one particular place or person. It is worthwhile giving some thought to where ‘love lives’ for you. Is it a place, a person, a group you belong to. Wherever it is, visit often, nurture it, reciprocate it for it is a place you will need many times in your life and it’s power to heal can not be overestimated.