Eclectic Art

St Johns Point, Lighthouse, Killough, Dundrum Bay, George Halpin Senior

St Johns Point

This is a digital painting of St Johns Point and the tall tower of its lighthouse clothed in distinctive black and yellow colours. It is situated at Killough and overlooks Dundrum Bay. The lighthouse, which dates back to 1839, was designed by George Halpin Senior. It was originally painted white with three black bands added in 1902 and the yellow in 1954. It is the tallest onshore lighthouse on the Irish coast. The light was first seen in 1844 and was automated in 1981. The sea around the lighthouse can be calm and serene or wild and rugged but the light shines brightly to warn approaching vessels of the dangerous rocks. This art piece can provide a memento of your visit to the area.

Abandoned house, Slieve Binnian, Mournes

Custodian Of Dreams

When I see old abandoned houses, whether they are like this little cottage in the Mournes or more imposing buildings elsewhere, I can’t help but wonder about the people who once lived there. What dreams did they have, what lives did they live. Are those dreams weaved throughout the infrastructure that remains. One thing is for sure the people who lived here were surrounded by beauty, but I can imagine that in the winter months it was a cold isolated life.

Come away with me, seascape, Portballintrae

Come Away With Me

A simple seascape captured near Portballintrae. When I look at this I can hear the sounds of the ocean as the waves break again and again on their continual journey from coast to coast. When will you next travel with them to visit other shores some can only imagine.

Windswept trees, lighthouse, storm

Swept Away

These coastal windswept trees and lighthouse serve as a reminder, that even in the stormiest of times there will be someone willing to guide us through our darkest hours.

Stile, Slieve Binnian, Mourne Wall

Stile Below Binnian

How many pairs of walking boots have crossed this stile which lies close to the summit of Slieve Binnian in the Mournes. How many have paused as they crossed, to wonder in awe at the beauty they have been lucky enough to witness. This stile is one of many that span the Mourne wall which in itself is an awe inspiring construction running for 22 miles and crossing 15 mountains. It was built between 1904 and 1922 by the Belfast Water Commissioners to define and enclose the catchment area for the newly created Silent Valley Reservoir.

Dreaming, Seaside, Eclectic


A soft and calming image from the seaside. It makes me want to be there now.

A Gown for Carpo, Flower Dress

A Gown For Carpo

This is a fantasy piece depicting the magical creation of a gown for Carpo. She is credited in numerous sources as being the Greek goddess of the fruits of the earth and personification of Autumn. The dress is formed from the photographs of leaves, numerous other elements are layered in and then blended with a little fairy dust to create this magical work of art.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ballintoy, County Antrim.

The Crossing

This image was captured on an early June morning as the mist hung over the Atlantic ocean creating a mysterious ethereal feel around Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. The bridge which lies close to Ballintoy in County Antrim was originally constructed by salmon fisherman in 1755. The last fisherman left in 2002 and the bridge is now a thriving tourist attraction. If you are brave enough to walk across you will be rewarded with wonderful views and the opportunity to spot lots of wildlife.

Dunluce Castle, Bushmills, County Antrim.

Dunluce Castle

This is the iconic ruin of Dunluce Castle which sits precariously on a rocky headland overlooking the north Atlantic . The castle, in its spectacular setting, is shrouded in myths and legends. With its long and tumultuous history it is deserving of a visit to be fully appreciated.

Cordelia Daughter Of The Sea, Bluebells Flower Dress

Cordelia Daughter Of The Sea

Cordelia Daughter of the Sea emerges from the water part human, part mollusk, vibrant and full of life. Her dress originated from multiple images of a bluebell flower. If you like something that’s a little different then this image could be the one for you.

Dreamscape, Swan, Water Lilies, Imagined Land.


A fantasy creation of an imagined land that allows us to escape for a time from the stresses of everyday life. Within this piece the swan symbolises balance, the water lilies peace and rebirth and the dragonflies happiness, new beginnings and the importance of living in the moment.

Overlooking The Silent Valley, Reservoir, Mourne Mountains

Overlooking the Silent Valley

The beautiful Silent Valley Reservoir lies within the shelter of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. It was built between 1923 and 1933 by a workforce of around two thousand men, a number of whom died during its construction.. You can learn the details of this great feat of engineering during a visit to the area. It provides a necessary and important service but it is also a place of serenity and beauty which you can’t help but be effected by when you visit. So I urge you to do so and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the majesty of the Mournes as they envelope you. If you are able then take a walk up into the hills and view the striking colours of the heather and surrounding foliage. If you can’t manage the hike then savour this image captured during a walk in the area and then painted in my digital workspace. In fact treat yourself and take it home to enjoy on a daily basis.

Lemon and Lime, Explosion, Eclectic

Lemon & Lime

An explosion of colour to brighten any space or match a particular room scheme.