Flower Dresses

A Gown for Carpo, Flower Dress

A Gown for Carpo

This is a fantasy piece depicting the magical creation of a gown for Carpo. She is credited in numerous sources as being the Greek goddess of the fruits of the earth and personification of Autumn. The dress is formed from the photographs of leaves, numerous other elements are layered in and then blended with a little fairy dust to create this magical work of art.

Abundance, Autumn Flower Dress


This represents the abundant harvest of early Autumn, a celebration of what nature provides for the long winter months. The leaves are layered into the dress and float throughout the frame. We are fortunate here in Northern Ireland to have a climate and land which, with the right nurturing, provides a rich harvest. We have a lot to be thankful for, many others are not so fortunate.

Cordelia Daughter Of The Sea, Bluebells Flower Dress

Cordelia Daughter Of The Sea

Cordelia Daughter of the Sea emerges from the water part human, part mollusk, vibrant and full of life. Her dress originated from multiple images of a bluebell flower. If you like something that’s a little different then this image could be the one for you.

A Dress Of Roses, Flower Dress, Poetry Book

A Dress Of Roses

This image began from a photograph I took of some rose petals on a light box. I formed them into the shape of a dress and cast a little magic over them in my digital workshop. Can you imagine wearing such a dress, the softness of the petals, the heady scent from the roses. I can, and it was just such an imagining that led to my poem named as the image - A Dress of Roses. It is included in my book of illustrated poetry which you can read more about within The Thunder in My Soul portfolio.

Iola, Hydrangea Flower Dress


A dress composed from a stunning hydrangea flower picked from my garden. There’s something about hydrangeas that really appeals to me and at last I have two plants that have managed to survive my less than green fingers. I couldn’t resist the urge to create a piece of art that would allow me to see them every day. If like me you also love this plant then you will surely enjoy this image.

Look At Me, Daisy Buttercup Flower Dress, Poetry Book

Look At Me

This dress is made from multiple images of daisies and buttercups. These pretty little flowers are often seen as weeds which many people want to eradicate from their lawns. I decided it was time to celebrate their beauty by creating this image. This dress is also included in my illustrated poetry collection. See The Thunder in My Soul portfolio for further information.