thunder in my soul

The Thunder in my Soul, Poetry Book

Thunder in my Soul

This is the title of my first book of illustrated poems. It is for people who think they don’t like poetry, people who do like poetry, and people who like an emotional story. It interweaves story, poetry and art around the experiences that connect us all.

Each poem is introduced to provide a context which enables you to fully engage with the emotions the poem evokes. This adds to the appreciation of the poem and the accompanying piece of art.

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The art within this portfolio has been selected from my book.

The Thunder In My Soul, Poetry Book

The Thunder In My Soul

This particular piece illustrates a poem which describes the experience of finding your passion, something you do because it brings joy to your life. For me digital art is that passion. I hope that as you look at these images you can share in the pleasure I experienced creating them. I also hope that if you have not found something in your own life that brings you a similar contentment you will strive to find it.

Songbird Silenced, Poetry Book

Songbird Silenced

This image represents freedom, that feeling of escaping from the burden of responsibilities. We all become overwhelmed at times. This piece of art serves as a reminder that there is a life beyond the constraints we often place upon ourselves. Open your cage and venture out.

Release, Poetry Book


This is an image about moving from darkness to light. I wrote the poem which accompanies it while sitting with a relative in a hospice. For me at that point it represented a loved one having relief from the darkness of pain and then release from the physical body to the spiritual world. It may resonate with you in an entirely different way. We all have our own stories but we share the lived experiences of human emotions.

Miscarriage Of Care, Poetry Book

Miscarriage Of Care

Grief and loss can be a lonely experience. This image gives me a sense of peace, it is one that requires few words. If it brings back memories of personal loss for you I hope it also instills that same sense of peace that I experience when viewing it.

I Will Paint The Sky For You, Poetry Book

I Will Paint The Sky For You

I love the colours in this image, they lift my heart every time I see it. It illustrates a poem about love and the human desire to find a way of portraying the depth of their feelings for another. Love is an emotion difficult to put into words but I think Voltaire described it well when he said “love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination”.